When you push your prius while it's in neutral, does it make clicking sounds?

I just have my front brake serviced and noticed the MPG went down a lot and requires me to step on accelerator more. So, I set it to neutral and pushed it, I hear some sorta clicking sounds from the front. Is this normal?
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Gon Yi
Le 31/12/2015 00:12, Gon Yi a écrit :
Clicking front... 2 usual causes (irrelevant of prius or not): * you get a long screw/nail/bolt/whatever metal object lost on road in a tire, but instead of piercing it, it was included in the tire itself. * a ball or cylinder of the ball-bearing is dead.
For former, visual & tactile inspection of each tire, full 360°.
For later, raise the vehicle and get the wheel on manual rotation (by hand), and listen. Might also detect brake behing applied to the wheel or warped disc.
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