Spoiled spoiler

I did something dumb yesterday - backed out of the garage with the
hatch up. (2010 Prius) The spoiler appears to have 5 studs molded
into it plus some other type of clips at each end. All 5 studs have
been ripped from the part. (The tops of the studs are visible in the
top of the hatch). It isn't clear to me how the end clips were
intended to work. My local Toyota dealer wants $468 for a new
spoiler. I watched youtube videos that explain how to remove the trim
pieces and get to the nuts on the old studs so for $468 I can fix my
problem "the right way".
My question:
Can I just buy some JB-Weld for $7 and glue the thing back on? The
spoiler itself does not appear to have been damaged except for the
studs having been ripped out of the bottom.

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