I just took delivery of a 2016 Level 4 Touring. (Traded in my 2010.
Had a 2004 before that). Does anyone know what the model number is
for the 2016s? (For example, the 2010 was a ZVW30).
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The source:
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USA Models - ZVW50L-AHXEBA -> Level 2, NiMH battery - ZVW51L-AHXBBA -> Level 2, LiON (aka., Level 2 ECO) - ZVW51L-AHXGBA -> Level 3 (we believe) - ZVW51L-AHXHBA -> Level 4 (we believe)
I've been disappointed with the New Car Features because it seems a bit 'thin'. I suspect the USA Model mapping to the sales identify is addressed somewhere outside of New Car Features.
Congratulations on the new ride. Everything we're seeing in PriusChat.com says you're in for a treat.
Bob Wilson
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Thanks, Bob. I love it so far. Took a 100 mile ride today. Some highway (60 to 70 mph) and some side roads (40 mph). The car says it got 54.6 MPG.
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