Peugeot Diesel Alternator.?

Does anyone know if the Rover 418 Turbo Diesel(94), which uses a
Peugeot engine, also uses a Peugeot alternator? I'm looking for a
replacement from salvage but would like to know from which other
models I can get one from. Alternatively, if it is a Rover one, which
other Rover models could I get one from?
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i think youll find they are made by valeo which is french so i should think they will be the same
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yes they do fit as i fitted one, to a 218sld i had but you may find that the rev counter doesn't work, if that not a problem ok , but it will still charge the battery , i did it as a tempory repair while i repaired mine ,
usualy it the regulator/brush block that fails, symptoms = red light flickers or stays on and rev counter stops working or is slugish not that expensive to fix and cheaper that a new alternator.
colin f
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Cheers guys,
I did actually exchange one on my old 418GSD some years back and the exchange unit also didn't operate the rev counter. Another thing I noticed was that the original alternator stated 14v on the label while the exchange unit was 13.8v. It worked fine but the alternator light would not extinguish from start up unless I gave the accelerator a blip.
Just final question if you can. Colin, where can I source the spare parts (regulator, brush block) from?
With this current faulty unit it, having checked with a multimeter, it will charge fine one day and then not the next.
Thanks a lot.
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