Rhienbeck NY Custom Auto Show

September 16th I went to the Rhienbeck NY Cusom Auto Show.
The first car a saw was a ruff 58 Packard non-Hawk Hardtop. It was
all there but ruff. The drivers side rear tial light trim was
corroded though.
There was one slightly customized 60 Lark. Nice but needed a new
There was 3 or 4 non Studebaker engined 53/ 54 Coupes/Hardtop.
One 54 Coupe had a large front oval air filtered engine cover with a S
on it but you couldn't see the engine.
There was a 54 President non-Speedster Hardtop that was in pretty fair
I didn't ralize there were no stock cars so didn't stay long.
64 R2 Avanti
64 Daytona Convertible
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