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Code Po420 popped up on me a couple times already i picked up this car for free i,
This 2000 protoge i got sat for a long time , it only has 62,740 miles on it looks new inside and out , runs great extremely quiet so i was curious when the Po420 code popped up ! one guy told m to...
1 month ago
Re: Randy's Update
So sorry to hear that he is sick but I am so glad he has so many caring family, friends, and angels.
11 months ago
1955 engine colors
Mention was made in a previous post of a large dealer showroom book which shows the correct 1955 engine colors. How might we obtain one of these boo ks, or possibly a color scan of that particular...
4 years ago 1
Brake shoes
I have came across a set of "big Brute" brake shoes,brand new still in the box. I believe they are for a 1966. Im not real sure. They have to be worth something to someone. i hate to just toss them. I...
4 years ago
1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk
If we have a pristine 1958 Golden Hawk, where would be the best place to show it off when we consider taking offers?
4 years ago
51 Coupe Parts and 6 cyl parts
I have some trim and some dash, instruments, ex. manifolds, misc. email with needs and I will send a list of Stude parts. No one need 51 6 cyl or dash parts? I also have fender shields...some...
4 years ago 1
259 Stude Engine
Hi all, First time posting as I just found this group. I have done some searching so far and found some good posts. I just wanted to get everyone's advice o n my 259 engine. From what I have read, a...
4 years ago 1
Searching for photos of a 1926 Standard Six Hardtop Duplex Roadster Coupe
I have a 1926 Standard Six Duplex coupe that was made in Canada. I know the re were 97 of them made in that year in Canada. Mine had the #2 version of the dashboard. That is the rare one. I have NOT...
4 years ago
1962 Hawk GT Value
I recently saw a 1962 Hawk GT with a 289 engine and automatic transmission. It is essentially in original condition (1 paint job at some point) with no rust, runs great, drives great, etc. You get the...
4 years ago 3
1963 GT Hawk Interior Colors
What were the carpet, door panel and seat colors that were available on '63 GT Hawk with Rosemist Metallic exterior?
4 years ago
Help With ID On Old Studebaker Lock Assembly
Can anyone please ID the lock assembly pictured at: Someone from another forum said is was a pre-'28 golf club door lock. I would really like more specific information. TIA
5 years ago
body i d numbers 54 2 dr hardtop?
Body i d 54 2 dr hard top? Not concerned with individual unit number. I am trying to find a supplier for the windshield and back glass. One supplier needs the body i d to check help would be great....
5 years ago 1
have pa title for studebaker truck title has no year just vin#r557801 need year
HAVE PA TITLE WITH KNOW YEAR ON TITLE,JUST VIN NUMBER OR MOTOR NUMBER HELP ON YEAR WOULD BE MIKE. This a model R5, which identifies it as a 1/2 ton pickup. Hopefully the ser ial number on the title is...
5 years ago 1
1962 Studebaker Lark Sales brochure and Lark radio instructions for sale
1962 Studebaker color sales brochure, 8.5" x 11" $10, Lark radio instructions $5, 336-765-8312, North Carolina, call me, because I don't come to this site regularly. do not text.
5 years ago
studebaker with serial number C534048
Need to know more information on this vehicle This serial number is within the range of serial numbers assigned to 1966 V8 engined Studebakers. The numbers are simply sequential. They don't hold any...
5 years ago 1