Bought a new VW Tiguan

As long time Subaru owner (2001 Forester) - I wanted to buy a new Forester.
But recent models don't handle as well in regular (highway) driving - and I
have no use of increased ground clearance and increased size - so good bye
Subaru. My 2011 Tiguan 4-motion handles very well - I understand that it
could do worse in snow (than Forester) - but can live with it: I only drive
to ski areas several times per year.
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congrats. hopefully some golf suspension bits would fit in case you want to dispose of some ground clearance that you consider excessive. (I understand JDM STI fartster lowering springs fit US fartsters just fine though not sure if that improves the handling significantly)
Crosspost the cost of ownership comparos here as mileage accumulates, it would be interesting to see how it compares to the outgoing fartster
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