Coolant Flush Comparison - Repair Shop versus Quick Lube

I need to get the coolant on my car flushed (1997 Ford Taurus).
It's been over two years since the last flush.
A lot of auto repair shops offer the coolant flush service
but the job requires some time and effort to complete.
However, the "speedy," 10-minute oil change places also offer
what they call a coolant flush. It can be done much faster
Is the coolant flush offered by these "speedy" lube places
an actual complete flush and fill, the same as the auto repair
Or is it just a quick shortcut that just replaces some of the
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F Russell
You should not be flushing every two years. Just change the coolant. A flush is something you do when there is a clear problem in order to get every last bit of the old coolant out. Change the coolant every couple years and you will be fine.
I have no idea what these people do. Ask them. You don't need to replace all the coolant, because you're doing it every couple years. It should take you ten minutes in the driveway and there is no reason to pay some kid to do the job for you. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
Thank you for the advice. I will forego the flush and just replace the old coolant.
However, for me, it would be far more than ten minutes in the driveway. I'd need to dispose of the old coolant and buy new coolant and all this would require more time and effort.
I'll allow the allow the "quickie" lube place to do the job.
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F Russell

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