Honda Accord

1) Is that 'Vacuum Leaks' the only one reason my car goes slow uphill?
Or could it be something else too?
2) What do I do to fix it? I dont know much about vacuum leaks but is
it a expensive job?
3) I would be changing the time-belt of my car this weekend. Is there
anything specific I should ask the dealer to change too, keeping this
problem in mind?
Specs of my car: 1990 Honda Accord, Auto trans, 142K, 4 cyl
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Approximately 10/9/03 13:20, QGoogle uttered for posterity:
A simple answer is that your motor sucks both gas and air for power.
The amount of fuel fed to the engine is controlled by electronics that actually measure the amount of air that the engine sucks as well as the pressure [actually vacuum] in the intake.
A vacuum leak will fool the electronics which may result in the wrong fuel/air mixture being fed to the engine. Power will suffer.
HOWEVER this is not the only thing that can cause power loss. The list of things that can cause poor power is quite large including such things as a clogged catalytic convertor, an exhaust leak, a clogged fuel filter, a really clogged air filter, old worn out plugs, a broken hose anywhere in the engine management, or even that elephant hiding in the trunk.
Your first problem is that you appear to lack even the basic concepts of how your engine works and how to troubleshoot.
You also lack the ability to even begin to express such important information as the last time it had a tuneup, whether or not you would recognize any of the vacuum lines if they bit you, whether you notice any funny noises or the automatic is not shifting down for hills, etc. etc. etc.
Yes. Try the car on a flat stretch and see if you also notice power loss.
If you notice any noises, make careful notes as to when you hear them.
And no, there is nothing definite you can tell the dealer to change for the simple reason that the symptom you give is pretty much useless for figuring out what might be wrong.
Just tell your mechanic that the car is also down on power and when you began noticing that...
Still not a lot of use....
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