I wanted to be a cheapskate, and other things, and get my old muffler welde
d, but when I took it off I found a 3/4" hole on top where the retainer str
ap held it. Is this some kind of be-metallic effect? I want a new one now (
autozone $32.99), so when I install it should I put a fiber glass pad up th
ere to protect that spot? Except for that hole and the front pipe snapped o
ff the thing should have been good for a few years yet.
Best thing about it so far is I reconnected with an old buddy who has lots
of tools.
Nils K. Hammer
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If the front pipe has snapped off, that indicates that the *interior* of the muffle is stuffed. You're doing the right thing by putting a new one on.
Golden rule, don't lend three things, car, tools and your woman. They're all returned back to you thoroughly screwed!
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