Valve stem seal help

1991 Mazda B2600i
Destroyed 4 new seals on the first valve (easiest to get to)
These are thin copper (?) shells with a spring loaded runbber ring on top.
Can't seem to drive them straight.
I've installed thousands of large seals over the last 60 years, but this has me baffled. Using a socket and tapping gently. Always crooked.
Will a drive tool set really help? Should I machine an exact fitting driving tool?
All advise greatly appreciated. This is a one time repair to replace leaking seals. Don't mind buying a tool set if it really makes a difference and obviates my klutziness.
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Ivan Vegvary
I do not know.
A quick web search shows a head:
formatting link
with diagram item #3 valve stem seal noted as 'use special tool #49 T032 302'. Probably simple to fabricate, tool sells for about $15.
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