2016 Avalon Limited Rough Ride

Love most everything about my 2016 Avalon Limited except the rough ride.
You can feel most every bump, crack and sewer/manhole cover on the road.
I know Toyota gave this trim model a "sportier" suspension with
225/18/45 skinny tires on 18 inch wheels- rather than the fatter
215/17/55 on 17 inch wheels on the lower trim models.
It's getting to be tire time and I wonder if it might be worth trying a
tire/wheel package in the smaller size.
Would the taller 55 sidewalls absorb road bumps better? Any problems
with transmission shift points, speedo readings, any of the electronic
stuff, etc.?
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Wade Garrett
No problem.
Discount Tire can help:
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So, there's a little difference. In moving from 225/45R18 to 215/55R17 setup, your speedometer would be showing just a bare tad slow. (One wonders if the dealer could code your system for the new tire size, to give correct speedometer/odometer readings.)
But yes, the taller sidewalls will be better for absorbing bumps and the like. You'll also be less likely to rub the wheels on the curb, with a little more sidewall.
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Elmo P. Shagnasty

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