1997 camry shift indicator lightf

On my 2000 Solara you have to take the cover that surrounds the shift lever off. I'm sure it's true for you too. Two of the screw, or conceivable 4, are in the arm rest box. IIRC two more are exposed when that is removed. One on each side is near the driver and pass. knees, iirc. Maybe one on each side up under the dash. Maybe I used a door panel tool, can't remember. A door panel tool is like a fork with two wide flat tines. Maybe there's a screw under the rear seat ashtray, or light, whichever is there. I've probably made at least one mistake here.
It's a lot of work just to change the lightbulb. I did it for some other reason, but my lightbulb was out too but it went back on when I touched it. Somehow the 10's of thousands of bumps I had gone over didnt' touch it enough.
While you're at it you may want to repaint the orange or red segments orange or red.** They fade in sunlight. (On a map of NYC I kept on my dash for 5 years or more, the red streets dissappeared completely. Not a trace of them. Black and I think green looked just fine. )
**Oh, yeah, that's why I took it apart. The guy doing the new-owner inspection complained that the orange wasn't orange enough, and it wasnt' very orange. I think Reverse is orange.
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