Hazard lights and turn signals do not blink

Hi, I have a 1994. Since a few weeks, the turn signal and hazard lights have stopped blinking intermittently. The turn signals would blink for a few seconds and then stop blinking. The hazard lights do not blink at all. I have looked at the fuse (under the hood) and it looks good. I know the hazard switch could be a problem. I checked- it is 58.75 + tax for a new one. But before going for that, just want to make sure there is nothing else that could be the cause of this problem. Any help is appreciated.
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Kunal,,,,quit being a dummy. Self diagnosis can cost a ton of money without fixing the car.
When turning on ANYTHING, if the item turns on you know it is NOT the switch because the switch is activating the item. In the normal average car there are 2 (TWO) flashers, 1 for the turn signals and 1 for the hazard flashers. Sounds like BOTH flashers need replacement. They are normally cheap, (around $4.00 per flasher). See your local friendly parts house for location of flashers and a bit of help putting them in. Normally they are a 2 prong plug in.
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Ken McIlrath

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