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I didn't believe it until I saw it on the web. One shop I went to recently had changed its name, The new owner said it had been called rent-a-rim.
What, people are renting rims?
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Yes, it's true. It's not enough that people rent furniture, when they could buy it at Goodwill Industries for much much less, or that they rent TV's when at least before digital, they could buy a new 14" color for $60. But they are also renting rims, for 40, 50, 56 dollars a week for four. That's almost 2100 to over 2900 a year,
Although some or all of it is rent-to-own, which is also verryyy expensive. "My job is my credit."
And btw, the bigger rims rent for more when bigger rims give a a worse ride. Yes indeed, bigger rims with the same radius tires have a shorter sidewall, and it's the sidewall that soaks up most of the bumps.
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One wonders if you don't pay your rent, do you wake up to find your car on blocks?
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Rims are a fashion statement, and they go in and out of fashion, which is why these guys get customers who absolutely have to have the latest dubs, but who will want to trade to a different shape in a month or so.
I think it's silly, but then I've been driving the same car with the same rims for twenty years and clearly I don't keep up with the latest thing. I did at one point have to change rims when they stopped making TRX tires. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
When you sign the contract to rent the tires a lien is registered against your vehicle, so if you don't pay the rent you don't wake up to find your car without rims, you wake up to an empty parking space because your whole car has been reclaimed.
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