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I was just looking at a new tow behind trailer. Web site the
weight is 1250 lbs dry. My question is what is the tow capacity of a bug
with a 1600 in it? Just curious.
George Taylor
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george taylor
The '73 owners manual (1600) says: 882 Lbs trailer weight and tongue load between 55 and 82 Lbs.
I routinely towed a Beetle behind my Beetle so power is not really an issue.
More important, you need to find a proper tow hitch setup. The hitch clamps around the tranny rear support frame and the bumper only carries tongue load.
Speedy Jim
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Speedy Jim
Is this for a bug... a bug bar is the way to go...
I tried to pull a REAL trailer behind our hopped up baja... wasn't fun.
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