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100- whites uk based 150per tub
1 month ago
Re: Need HELP REAL BAD with dual KADRON carbs setup please......
have kadrons had to get electric fuel pump make sure u done have any gas leaks and your system holds presure. also rejetedand rebuilt with best kit i could find.look for german or french jets even...
6 months ago
Re: Color problem with Yukon yellow
Em sábado, 1 de julho de 2000 04:00:00 UTC-3, Teemu Asikainen escreveu: I can't find the color Yukon Yellow in Brazil. Did anyone own the formula? I looked at Sherwin Williams dealers and other...
8 months ago
Re: Need HELP REAL BAD with dual KADRON carbs setup please......
El martes, 23 de abril de 2002, 19:58:45 (UTC-6), Kevin escribió: your problen IS fuel pump pressure. you need to add some gaskets under your stock fuel pump until your fuel presure drops to an 1.5...
9 months ago
Re: Which VW engine part did contain real wood ?
I was surprised on my early '60s headlight buckets that they used what appears to be cardboard as a platform and insulation between the terminals for the wires. That was hard to keep useful. Was not...
9 months ago
Is ANT the Menace around?
Ant, are you still here? Alive and or well? Josh
10 months ago
Uhaul tow
Hi. I?m looking to pickup a bug. I?ve owned 2, time for ano ther. I?d need to tow it. I see uhaul rents towing trailers, reall y wheels and ramps. I?d like to hear from people here how good tho se...
3 years ago 1
Re: Air Scoops on a Bus???
yes they do work anytime you increase the pressure of the air coming into the fan ...or desc rease the resistance to airflow coming into the fan ... the volume of air f rom the fan ... and efficiency...
3 years ago 1
Midnight Repairs (2017)
He came down the back drive just before midnight on Christmas Eve. I was out in the shop, about to call it a night when I heard the unmistakable sound of a Volkswagen running on three cylinders. Bad...
3 years ago
Can I get my 1600i (MexiBeetle) bored to 1.8 or 2 liters?
I need to rebuild my engine as it has low compression and I am exploring getting a 1.8 or 2 liter kit. My main concern is if the intake will match the new cylinders intake. Another concern would be if...
3 years ago
'74 Super Beetle - Bad ignition switch?
My 1974 super is having problems where the car starts and runs just fine bu t none of my accessories work. I sometimes works if I jiggle the key in the ignition. Would this be caused by a bad ignition...
3 years ago 2
Building a Classic VW Bug From Scratch
Hello, I'm looking to build a bug from scratch...everything (pan, engine, gearbox, etc). Best place to start to get a parts list, costs, etc? Thank you.
3 years ago
looking to buy a beetle in toronto area
hi! i sold my last bug about 5 years ago. 63 moon roof. im itching for a decent daily driver in Southern Ontario. Anyone local looking to sell? id even take a semi-auto! :-)
3 years ago
Vapour Lock in T3
After running around town in 43 Deg C temps the T3 refused to restart. Turns out to be Vapour Lock due to heat. Car was got going by pressurising fuel tank. It occurred to me though that if the...
4 years ago 1
1971 VW Westy for sale Florida $10K OBO
I have a 1971 White VW westy for sale in Central Florida. New Engine with 2000 miles on it. No leaks, all original interior available but not instal led. Original Tent, screens Front Cot, manuals,...
5 years ago