2000 silverado helper springs

Hey all (if there's anyone here anymore).
I have a 2000 silverado 1500 z71 and I wanted to put an add a leaf or some sort of helper springs so when I load with 1000+ lbs it doesn't sag and ban g off the bump stops. I have read there are progressive, non progressive, quiet, etc. I do want to maintain the stock ride when the truck is unloade d. Does anyone have any advice?
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I would go with air bags before I put in helper springs. My dad had extra helper springs in his 74 chevy 3/4 ton back in the day for when we had the heavy camper on and it rode level, but man, the rest of the time it was like riding a rock. But it was pretty much all that you could do back then. Today, you have other options...
If you go with something like:
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You hit a button and inflate for extra heavy loads, then call Tom Brady in to deflate the bags for normal ride conditions.....They work real nice.
I'm not endorsing the above site, BTW, just that air bags is what I would go with and not extra springs UNLESS you are going to have the weight all (or most) of the time. Then you might as well get the springs, but if bag it if just occasionally.....
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