2007 1500 Silverado EXT. Cab 4X4 - 4.8L v-8 with the L1 package.

It's a TRUCK! The cold air intakes are a farce. Take a look at where 99% of the cold air kits pick up the air. From UNDER the hood. About the only place with hotter air is the exhaust itself.
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Steve W.
I bought a new 2007 1500 Silverado EXT. Cab 4X4 4.8L V-8 with the L1
package; Last month, June 02. 2008.
When I got it, it was getting 13.9 mpg. It is up to 14.5 after 1200 miles;
according to the computer in the truck.
Is this the best I can expect and what can I do to make it better? A friend
with a F 150 put a Chiller intake on his and says he is doing better fuel
wise and picked up HP. He paid $265.00 for it and only took 45 min to
I am thinking about doing the same; should I?
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Hate to tell you but ANY compression of air HEATS the air. That is why turbocharged engines use inter coolers. A venturi only does one thing, it increases the velocity of the substance going through it. The catch there is that the increased velocity gets stopped as soon as it hits the intake manifold.
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Steve W.
On Sat, 09 Aug 2008 15:50:35 -0400, "Steve W." wrote:
Yeah, but they look cool. :) -- Old Crow '82 FLTC(P)'Pearl' '87 FLTC '?' '61 F-100 BS#132, TOMKAT, SENS, SLOB#13 ** Posted from
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