CB Radio - 95 4x4 ext. cab, V6

This might crack you up but...
I need some guidance as to how I can install a CB radio in my truck. It'a
a 95 (barely pre-tacoma) ext. cab, V6, 4x4.
Everywhere I've looked (cb manual, websites, etc.) says to connect it to
an empty accessory fuse, however my truck doesn't have any, at least not
that I can find. I looked in the driver kick panel, and under the hood.
If someone could point me to a FAQ or something, or relay some personal
experience I'd really be grateful.
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I use a radio shack hand held CB, you can use a cig lighter adapter if you want and your option of using an external mount antenna or the one that comes with the unit. Very handy.
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stick it in any fuse that is receiving constant power if you want to use the cb when the truck is not running (have to remember to turn it off) or a fuse that is not receiving constant power if you only use it when truck is running. there should be a set of fuses under the hood on the drivers side enclosed in a black plastic box w/ names of the respective fuses on top. these are your efi and other important fuses. stick it in one of these. be sure to try to figure out which side of the fuse receives the constant power, so that if the fuse blows, you still get power.
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Jason McDannold
as pointed out to me, my previous post may have been unclear. also, i may have misunderstood the question i was attempting to answer.
my power wire goes from the cb, to a inline fuse, to a constant power source (as mentioned in my previous post. the point im trying to specify now is that my power line is fused.
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Jason McDannold

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