Seat Compromise '91 ext cab 4X4

Seats on my PU are uncomfortable. With 200k on it, the driver's seat has
lost the cushion support. Looking at all options to repair or replace.
Would like to stay close to stock and definitely don't want a cobbled
All responses appreciated.
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I would repair it. Pull out the seat and visit a few upholstry shops. On my last project, I got bids from $50 to $200. I settled on the shop that had the stock fabric in stock. Rebuilt the foam, replaced the worn fabric, and I did the seat removal and install. It's really not a big job, and it's nice to have a 2nd truck.
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I put bucket seats out of a Celica in my 86 ext cab. Bolted right in and comfy! Was able to trade straight across with the wrecker, my bench for his buckets! That don't happen often.
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