88 Cheyenne's soft brakes

I just bought a 88 Cheyenne 4x4 and the brakes are the standard "mush" is
there a way to delete the anti-lock from the rear brake system so that it
stops like every other vehicle I've driven?
I'd really be afraid to tow anything with this truck considering the
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Start by looking at all four brakes for fluid leaks. Don't take anything apart, just look at the wheels and tires. Check for fluid around any fittings, hose ends, and around the master cylinder and booster. Then bleed the brakes, really bleed them. Let us know what you find.
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Big Al
No...but you might start by changing fuel filter and doing a fuel pressure check too. Maybe advance your base timing and upgrade your gas. If in doubt, double check the knock sensor. Especially if it is a v10 Dodge. Finally, your locker is really not a locker even though it locks, and I am a ding dong.
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I found it to be reflective of the nonsense you usually post. Also it was darn funny.
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I just had the brakes completely redone (2300$ at the dealership) only to be reassured the performance is normal for the antilock brake system of Chevys. They even brought out a 98 p/u to let me feel the way it worked on that one. I'm looking for a way to delete the antilock pump for the rear brakes so that I can actually STOP the fool thing like I feel I should be able to.
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