I`m sure you`d all like to know

I`ve been reading everything from this group for about 2
months.Everyone seems to be very knowledgeable.
This is my first post.
I bought an 2004 GMC 2500 HD 6.0 last July.I just can`t seem to leave
anything alone.So I started adding performance parts to it.My
Brother-in-law works at an auto parts store,so I get everything at his
cost.Which is extremely cheap.
All the parts were in stalled by myself.
Power Programmer
Cold Air Intake
2-1/2 in. Cat Back
1-5/8 in. Headers
Underdrive Pulleys (crank,alt)
Got pressured into taking it to the track.
Best E.T. was 14.886 @ 88.564mph
I think the mph was down cuz it weighs a ton,and it's like driving a
brick into the wind.
I know the stock set-up is 300 hp,but can anyone take a good guess how
much power I`m making now?
I wish I knew what stock e.t`s were.
Sorry so long for my first post.
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K0124 .
An online HP calculator says at 6000 lbs?, your truck has about 325 at the rear wheels, 380 at flywheel, these are only estimates. try and post back the actual weight.
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What is the address of the calculator. Do you think his truck really did that? That seems pretty fast. Maybe I`m wrong.
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