I know I should know, but, well... you know...

Can someone quickly go over the regs so far as regard towing a 1 Tonne
Sankey... I know it'll be fine behind my 101GS, but what about behind
my Discovery (with a Nato hitch, obviously)?
The Sankey is legal, braked an all that, but the width worries me, as
does the laden weight.
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On Mon, 17 May 2004 22:43:36 +0100, Mother wrote:
Width shouldn't be a problem. IIRC in the UK, a vehicle under 3.5 tonnes MAM can tow a trailer up to 2.25m wide.
Assuming your Disco has the same 3.5-tonne towing limit as all the others, then I doubt you'll be over that either.
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On or around Tue, 18 May 2004 05:48:31 GMT, snipped-for-privacy@dev.null (QrizB) enlightened us thusly:
I thought it was 2.3m Of course, my big trailer is more than that, so technically, you can't tow it behind any LR other than a 101. But you could tow it behind an unladen transit. Feckin' silly.
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Austin Shackles
in article snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com, Austin Shackles at on 18/5/04 2:00 pm:
Found this the other day
formatting link
Should answer you question.
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Nikki Cluley

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