suburban enging stalls. '97

My Suburban has had an intermittant stalling problem for about 2 months. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump relay, cap, rotor, plugs,
coil, crank pos sensor. Checked the battery connections. Also did some other 100k miles maint listed in the manual.
I finally found the stalling problem with my 1997 suburban. It was the fuel pump relay socket. The connecton was bad, which caused resistive heating, which would transfer into the realy and cause it to fail. I replace the relay 6 times over a year. They kept failing.
I finally removed the relay box from the lower housing, turned it over to see if there was a loose connection or a bad crimp or something. Well, it turns out, the socket connector that holds the relay, had a bad connection. Poor spring contact. This caused the relay pin to get hot, which caused the relay to fail. Also the increased heat caused the relay socket housing to melt. This makes repair of that socket impossible. Also the heat corroded the pins.
My options are install a new after market socket on top of the old socket, soldering the pins to the wires. Or, install a remote relay, running the wires back under and splicing them to the relay circuit wires.
I purchased a Bosch SPDT 40 amp relay, which I plan to mount on the inner fender, splicing in place of the old relay, I plan to use silver solder splices, covering them with heat shrink tubing.
This relay is the same type used for fog lights. Heavy duty, Should handle the much lighter load of the fuel pump.
So if you are having stalling problems. Check the relay socket, Also replace the relay. They are about 20 dollars.
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