2004 TL Trunk Lid Liner removal

I have difficulty seeing out the back of the TL so I bought a VR3
Back-up camera system. The camera is mounted on the license frame. A
wire needs to pass into the car. I can drill a hole near the license
To reach the wire I need to remove the liner on the inside of the trunk
lid. Any ideas on how to do this without damaging it?
Ed Tee
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the liner is fastened in with those plastic "push-in clips" right ? if so, I pulled them out with a thin, small wrench-like thing. yes, the clips will be damaged, they're not meant to be reused.
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acurazine.com web site has lots of info for your 3rd generation TL.
Try this link for a search of "camera system" on the site. You need to be a member to post and search but not to browse. If the specific search link below doesn't work for you I've included some interesting backup camera links.
formatting link

formatting link
formatting link

Good luck with your install.
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