Integra '91 LS HB 5 spd , odd start/stall problem ?

This Integra '91 LS HB 5 spd has been running great for years now.
The other day after a 15 minute drive. I return to car after 1.5 hrs. I try to start. The engine fires up (with usual sound) for about 3 seconds, then just dies with a buuuuuu. Like some one just turned it off. No funny sounds, nor pops, no cracking, nor misfires etc.
I try again and it fires up for about 2 seconds and dies..
On the third try it fires no more but the engine turns over fine , with the usual wah, wah, wah, wah.
So i am thinking no spark or no fuel. I pull spark plug wire, put near metal and watch while help tries to start for 2 seconds. Get a nice blue and orange spark. I test for fuel pump , turn key to on and listen to the slightly audible zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-Click. Do that twice.
Try to start and it fires right up. Has not happened again for past 3 days.
Is this a warning of something to come like the Honda civic main relay problem ? Any ideas ?
Thanks for any helpful ideas, robb
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Yep; that's what's wrong. It's not a Civic problem, but one that was typical to all Hondas for a long time.
Here's my page on the issue:
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what tegger said. if you have an injector fault code stored on your ecu, it's a dead giveaway.
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jim beam

Thanks Tegger and Jim for help. I will test this weekend and share my findings here. robb
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