4 beeps ?

Hi peeps,
just started to hear 4 beeps coming from the rear of my 2k A4 but only when
i start up in the morning and engage reverse? never heard this before, had
the car for 2years now. anyone got any ideas as to what this might be?
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Hmmmmm. Is it equipped with Parktronic? If it is, there will be four sensors ( circles ) on your rear bumpe. When you engage reverse gear, there should be a "beep" letting you know the system is working. If you are near something (inside a garage) you may hear the sensor going off as you back up. My RS6 has Parktronic and beeps a couple of times until the rear has cleared the door in my garage.
I didn't think too much of the system when I first got my RS6, but this old man has become a fan of it.
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Dave LaCourse
Cheers for the reply dave, but as far as iam aware i dont have parktronic, and cant see any circles on the bumper, so iam still puzzled. %0)
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Is it the alarm playing up? Mine used to beep like that each time I started my A3. I got the alarm replaced under warranty.
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Chris Bartram
It means the battery is down on power. my A4 TDi did it for a while about a year ago, Audi said to get a new battery, I never bothered and it's been alright for the last year or so. My rear suspension still creaks tho.
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