307 - beeps when ignition key turned?

I have a 54 plate 307 HDI 136.
Every now and then, when I turn the ignition key to position2 (glow plugs,
etc) the usual dashboard lights come on and then go out as normal, but I
also hear 3 loud-ish beeps (all same pitch). Nothing unusual comes up on
the multi-function display, and car drives fine.
Anyone got any ideas what the beeps are indicating?
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The Man Himself
I have exactly the same thing on my 307.
The 307 dealer says I should get my battery tested, but it has been doing it since I got the car a year ago!
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ok if you put your keys in the ignition switch it on then off and open the drivers door (key recognition) is this the same kind of beeps if so its a mux problem
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MARK B via CarKB.com

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