In dash audio unit... What is it?

I have a Blaupunkt unit from an Audi that I previously owned. I am trying to
determine the pinouts on the connectors of this unit. Unfortunately this is
an in dash unit with very few identifying marks. I'm hoping someone will be
able to shine some light on this...
Back label shows "0439611" in small digits (which I believe is a serial
number) followed by "8638710332" (which I believe is the model number)
The top label has rubber stamped "831" on the warranty label . The warranty
label also has the number "8631120490" (which I believe is the part number
for the warranty label.)
The connectors found are:
- female Antenna jack
- female 6 pin DIN connector
- male 20 pin rectangular connector
Any ideas???
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Nobody at all has any idea?
I've have a pair of photos (under 100k each)... Take a look please...
formatting link
...any ideas as to what it is and what the connector pinout is?
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