Alpine CHA-S634 - MP3 Question (Weird!)

Hi All,
I wanted to check and see if anyone else has had this kind of issue before I go back to Alpine.
I just installed a CHA-S634 6 disc changer in my 528i. It fit
perfectly in the BMW brackets and with the help of the Blitzsafe BMW/ALP DMXV.1 96 and the Alpine KCA-130B it hooked right into the factory plugs. It was a quick, easy, clean install using the standard BMW brackets.
So I put in a regular music CD in the changer and voila, I had a working CD player!! Cool!!
So then I moved on to MP3's and that's where the trouble started.... (please excuse the length of the following explanation)
I followed Alpine's screwy naming convention (only CAPS, numbers, and _ ; Talk about a pain!) and burned a data CD with 4 folders and 50 songs on it. Then I put it in the MP3 CD into slot 1 and nothing..... The display jest read 01-01. So I tried to switch to another slot (using 2-6 selectors) and it wouldn't move off of CD 1.
It would switch to another device and the radio would work, tape was fine, but it was stuck on 01-01 for the CD.
So then I ejected the magazine, put the regular music CD back in slot 1 and it worked fine.
Then I put the MP3 in slot 2 and a music CD in slot 1... 1 played fine and then the MP3 CD 2 played fine!!????
So then I put Music CD in slot 1, MP3 CD in slot 3 and left 2 blank. 1 played, 2 loaded then skipped, then 3, the MP3 CD, hung???
Finally, I put a music CD in slot 1, Music CD in slot 3, and then an MP3 in slot 4. 1 played fine, 2 loaded then skipped, 3 played fine, and then 4 played fine!!??
Has anyone else had issues with having MP3 CDs in the first slot of their CHA-S634 or immediately following an open slot or do I need to go back to the people I bought it from and try another?
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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