Security Light 2001 Chevy Camaro

I own a 2001 camaro and i have been recently experiencing some security
light problems. When the security light comes on my car won't turn on
until the light finally turns off, my car will turn back on. What can i do
so that this can stop so that i can have a normal driving car.
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We have an ?89 and I have been all through this is how it works...when you insert your key with the black resistor, contacts in the ignition switch read the resistance, and if correct, closes a relay in the drivers side kick panel called the "security relay". This is a large relay with some sticky goo tape wrapped around it to keep it from rattling. Some cars have two relays in the kick panel, only one is the correct one, you?ll figure it out when you look at it. Only when the security relay closes will the car start and the security light go out. In our case the security relay got wet from a bad body seam inside of the fender, it allowed water from the front wheel to splash in. The relay can be purchased at Advance Auto Parts for $13, be aware that some auto parts stores will not have a listing or even know what it is. I would start there, especially if you can turn the key multiple times and sometimes it will start, then I guarantee that the relay is your problem. The other possibility is the contacts in the ignition switch, but that is a much bigger job and more expensive. In my past experience, I would go for the relay first.
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