300M timing belt: it's time -- but where?

Our 300M's timing belt is now due for replacement, but I am wondering how much difference it makes where I have the job done. I am planning to have the water pump, tensioner and pulley replaced all at the same time.
The single-location Chrysler dealership where we had all our service done during the 6+ years we've lived here is no longer an authorized dealer but advertises that they still have all the special tools.
Not far away is a multi-location (two-state even) dealership -- still authorized -- with which I have had no dealings at all.
There are independents of which people speak well. If I went to one of those I would specify genuine Mopar parts -- at least for the belt and tensioner.
Any recommendations? Obviously the vehicle is no longer in warranty, but are there any relevant TSBs about which an independent or a delisted former dealership might not be aware?
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Percival P. Cassidy
most all the shops out there have access to alldata and Mitchell's so i don't think TSBs will be a problem. if the shop that's worked on it before still has the tools, then they might still have the same personnel too. are they now just an independent? or did they switch to selling some other brand? did their labor rates change since they are no longer "authorized"?
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