Adding FogLights To A Base Car??

Can someone tell me if it is possible to add factory foglights to a base model car, and that could be mounted in the same place that a "SE" or "Limited" model would have them mounted in, but without having to replace the whole entire bumper??
I have seen people with cheap "Pepboys-type" foglights screwed into the underneath of the bumper, and they hang like 2-3 inches from the pavement. I don't want that, and would like to know if foglights could be mounted on a "base" Town and Country, in the same place that the "Limited" Town and Country has them mounted in??
Here are some pics to see what I am talking about:
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2005 ChryslerTown Country Limited Minivan.jpg
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Also, would it be hard to do all the wiring, and add a button to the dash somewhere, so that the foglights could be turned off and on, seperate from the headlights??
And if all this could be done, what would something like this cost??
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