300m: What suspension items need replacing at 100k miles?

My '00 300m has just about ticked over 100k miles (160k km) and I'm
going to want to replace something that is causing a clunking sound that
seems to be coming from the back wheel area.
I've already replaced the front sway-bar bushings (twice) and link arms
(once) and that's about the only suspension work the car has seen so
What are the typical rear-end suspension parts that commonly replaced at
10 years / 100k miles?
Also - how often should the wheel bearings get greased or repacked?
Haven't touched mine.
PS: Still running on the factory battery. Almost 11.5 years old now.
It's been a brutally long and cold winter, but it does spend the nights
in a garage (with a small heater going). Other than putting the battery
on a charger overnight about once a week for the past 2 months, it still
turns the engine over just fine.
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