Anti-Theft Alarm Problem 99 Intrepid

I have a factory-installed anti-theft alarm built into my 99 Intrepid. Lately, after arming the alarm with my key fob, the red light on top of the
dashboard remains on solidly for a period of time, and then begins to flash. Normally, the red light flashes rapidly and then flashes more slowly. I checked the manual and it says if the light on the dash illuminates solidly when the alarm is activated, there is trouble with the trunk. A couple of times, the alarm went off (lights and horn) when I closed the trunk lid even though I disabled the alarm first. Does anyone here know a simple fix for this problem or is a trip to the dealer on my 'things to do' list once again?
Thanks in Advance, Arthur
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If the alarm was set you can still open the trunk, it isnt a switch that opens and closes to activate it, You have to physically punch out the trunk lock cylinder to set it off Vehicle Theft Security System This passive system is designed to protect against vehicle theft. The vehicle theft security system
(VTSS) is part of the body control module, which monitors vehicle doors and the ignition for
unauthorized operation. The alarm activates by sounding the horn, flashing the headlamps, park
and tail lamps, and the VTSS indicator lamp, and providing an engine 9no run9 feature. Passive
arming occurs upon normal vehicle exit by turning the ignition off, opening the driver's door,
locking the doors with the power lock, and closing the driver's door or locking the doors with RKE.
Manual arming occurs by using the key to lock the doors after closing them. The indicator lamp
on the dash will flash for 15 seconds, showing that arming is in progress. If no monitored systems
are activated during this period, the system will arm and the indicator will flash at a slow rate. If
the indicator lamp remains steadily lit during the arming process, this can indicate a possible loss
of communication with the PCM or loss of trunk knock out switch. When something triggers the
alarm, the system will signal the headlamps, park lamps, and horn for about 3 minutes.
For complaints about the Theft Alarm going off on it's own use the DRB and select 9Theft Alarm9
then 9Monitor Display9 and read the 9Alarm Tripped By9 status.
Tamper Alert - The VTSS indicator lamp will flash twice quickly to indicate a tamper condition has
Manual Override - The system will not arm if the doors are locked using the manual lock control
(by hand) or if the locks are actuated by an inside occupant after the door is closed. When an
unauthorized entry into the vehicle occurs, the VTSS sends a message via the PCI bus to the
powertrain control module that it is NOT OK to start the engine. The powertrain control module
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