Cost of transmission fluid change in PT Cruiser?

How much should I expect to pay to have the tranny fluid changed in my 2001 Cruiser? This will be done at a local shop, not at a dealer.
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Pete E. Kruzer
I have seen shops charge anywhere from $59 - $99 to perform this service. Most shops just remove the pan, drain, replace the filter, and refill. There are some shops that can flush the entire transmission. I have never had this done, so I don't know much about it.
Sometimes, my dealer has offered coupons where they will perform this service for the same price as independents. Just make sure that whoever does it, puts in the correct fluid, which is ATF+4. It is now available from other manufacturers. The last time I checked, the Chrysler branded ATF+4 could be purchased at Walmart.
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Not anymore, or at least not here. All the local one has now is the super tech which says +4 on the front but does NOT say 9602 on the back but it does say 7176 so methinks it is actually only +3.
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Daniel who wants to know
yeah our local Wal-Mart no longer carries it either. only the el-cheapo supertec.Wal-Mart brand i think.
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I believe the el-cheap supertec brand that is marked ATF+4 is the proper fluid. Chrysler is *very* protective of their markings and they have licensed out other brands to sell ATF+4. Because only one supplier (maybe two?) can make the secret sauce inside ATF+4, it is likely the same stuff no matter what the label.
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Greg Houston

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