Disable limp mode! chrysler cirrus 98'

Okay my car is a beater and i only use it to get to work. It went into limp mode and the code says p0700 generic transmition problem. Is there a way to disable limp mode so i can continue to drive it until it dies? I cant afford a new trans..thanks guys
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Michael Whorton
Michael Whorton writes:
Can you afford a new car instead? Because the one you're driving now will be immobile within a couple of weeks whether you find a way to disable limp-home mode (for the record, I don't know of a way) or not. Have you checked the fluid level? It could be leaking.
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Joe Pfeiffer
To be perfectly honest it was SUPER low on oil when it started happening so i filled it with oil. (Small oil leak at bottom of car). And all i'm saying is that if its going to be like $2000 for a fix. I might as well buy another beater. Thanks for the help, lord knows i need it. I wish there was a way to disable it.
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Has adding fluid helped? If not, the damage may already have been done. Usually, that transmission has done much better in the "cloud cars," than it did in the minivans.
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