Looking at 98 Chrysler Sebring Convertible LXI

I'm looking to maybe buy a 98 Chrysler Sebring Convertible LXI.
Is the LXI the expensive model? I'm hoping to get the most expensive model.
It has 126000 on a 6-Cylinder 2.5L engine. A timing belt, like my 3.0L engine on my Lebaron, right? If it breaks, with it ruin the valves?
What things are likely to break with that mileage.
He's asking $3875, in very good cosmetic condtion. Not sur e about the engine. A fair price???
Lebarons can accept only a class one hitch, the smallest. Same thing with Sebrings?
On a trip and I blew my engine. Staying in a motel until I get a car to drive home. Any help appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
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not a car I would tow with
did you look it up on KBB.com and NADA.com for prices?
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I am guessing that this has the same (or similar) Mitsushitty motor as our '96 Dodge Stratus ES had. The timing belt was replaced at 60K milles or thereabouts (when the water pump quit; at least, we paid to have the timing belt replaced), and it broke at about 88K miles. The car was not worth repairing. Even the charity to which we donated it (which runs an auto-maintenance training program for recovering addicts) ended up selling it to a wrecker rather than trying to fix it.
I would not touch it with a 40ft. pole, especially if you don't know whether the timing belt has ever been replaced.
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Percival P. Cassidy
I'm just talking about a very light flatbed trailer, not a pop-up or even a medium U-haul. . I towed a 4x8 flatbed trailer with my 95 lebaron from texas to Northern Virginia and couldnt' even tell it was there, even going up hills, but it only acccepts a class one hitch.
I was hoping this would accept a class two hitch, which would let me tow something a little bigger. The Toyotal Solara convertible does, and I was hoping this would.
No time to do that yet .
Is LXI the best model Sebring?
Does it sound like a fair price?
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Was that a 2.5L engine?
Not many good choices here.
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