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I've kept my Concorde for winter bad weather use, saving my lovely 300M from some abuse. The Concorde is sitting beside my garage, beside a wooded ravine. I run it up and keep the battery charged regularly. About a month ago it started missing on one or two cylinders. It was my intention to put the Concorde in my garage and look into this problem. I was concerned it may be very difficult determining what causes the miss. Well now I'm not so concerned about the task of finding the miss cause, I know what it is, it's too obvious. A few days ago I tried starting it and no go, didn't even turn over. It seemed to be eating the battery power with a clunk when I turned the key. Looking under the hood, I was shocked at what I saw. About 8 small exposed wires at the terminal block on the right side of the firewall, had been chewed through, a few totally gone.
Dam it, how do I discourage some dumb rodent from lunching on my Concorde's wiring?
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Josh S
sctvguy1 wrote in news:yuIoo.239957$
Put one of those rodent-deterrent frequency emitting devices under your hood? I bought one (for my garage) for about $20 by Black and Decker.
Or do it the simple way of applying some anti-rodent goop on the wires?
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