1997 LHS spark plug wire replacement - followup

aarcuda, Joe, Rob, and all:
Sorry for the belated reply, herre's an update on what little progress I have made in the interim:
I have replaced 4 of the 6 spark plugs including the #5 plug (passenger side rear) All passenger side plugs are replaced. I also replaced the #5 spark plug wire. I have also replaced the air filter and ran a couple of bottles of "injector cleaner" thru the gas tank. I am still getting the original three codes:
P0300 P0305 P1294
I replaced the PCV valve this morning and noticed that the hose to the PCV valve looks like it needs to be replaced. It has some cracking to the point where I suspect it may be leaky. Could this be causing the three codes? I will replace it ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
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Your computer is showing a misfire in number five. First I would change all of the spark plugs and check gap. Also did you clear code?
Possible problems - Injectors, Bad Fuel, Poor fuel pressure, dirty or bad EGR, low compression, bad coil, ignition problem.
Since you have a code p1294 I would complete the spark plugs and clean or replace you IAC, this code means your engine target idle is being set by the computer.
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Airport Shuttle
Target idle is always set by the computer. That's one of it's jobs. It's telling you that it can't reach the idle speed that it's supposed to see. First thing I'd look for is a vacuum leak causing a high idle.
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