citroen VIN how to decode

Does anyone know how to decode the VIN number of citroen cars (Evasion especially). I am interested mainly in: car production date, engine production date and engine type.
Thanks for any hint!
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we want to infortmation about citroen vin number for VF7MFDJYF65135244, cyclinder volume and motor number. thanks for your attention, sincerly.
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halim ( gurgled happily, sounding much like they were saying :
It doesn't tell you that.
It will tell you what model of Citroen it is, and what rough spec it is, but it doesn't contain that precise detail.
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Here's all I can find out:
Citroen Berlingo Estate Van, level C, Red, Engine: Diesel XUD9 10 CUBE 4002998, Bosch computer Gearbox BE3N 20 TB15 9135332 Has Power steering Has A/C, no ABS, Tinted window
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