Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc. - not for Corvettes.

Someone recommended this place to me several months ago, and I sent my C5 stereo to them for repair. Here's the scoop. For those of you who
don't want to read the whole thing, just don't use them.
My Bose system worked fine, except for the CD player, which wouldn't work at all. I sent them the unit at the end of March 2nd. day air. They called and said it would be $209 to fix it and I gave the OK. I received it back in about three weeks, two at their place and one in transit back. Reinstalled it and the CD player worked for about three songs, then quit again. I called them back and they sent a pickup tag for UPS to pick it up again. They received it back and supposedly worked on it for 3-4 weeks. I talked to different people there and kept getting promised it would be shipped back soon. When it didn't I was told they were still testing it, and it hadn't passed. Finally, one guy told me that what they do with those units is just replace the laser in the CD player, and that fixes them 99% of the time. Of course, mine was the 1% they couldn't figure out. Also, he told me that they couldn't test those units out of Corvettes because of the theftguard system... it has to be plugged into the Corvette to work, and since they didn't have a spare 'Vette laying around, they had no way to test them. Not a good sign. They did tell me they would ship it back, and if they couldn't fix it they would refund my credit card payment. They shipped it back saying it was fixed. I installed it again, still didn't work and called them for a refund. For some reason, they said they couldn't refund to my credit card (probably just don't know how) and would have to mail me a check, but the guy that wrote the checks was out for a couple of days. I was getting nervous about this time.... I could just hear the "check's in the mail" excuse. However, they did send me a refund check for the entire amount. However, I was without the radio in the car for about two months. I'd have to say skip these folks. After all that, I've just given up on my CD. Oh well, at least I have the radio back in the car now.
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