Re: Bailout Comment on a Corvette Forum

I could have told you your 2006 Vette was crap. Wagoner and his cronies are screwing Cadillac and Vettes owners the most by selling them junk for
way too much money. A 2006 Vette is really only worth about $30,000 the rest is pure profit.
Well now with the credit crisis, folks cannot get car loans. Let's see how many Corvettes and Cadillacs the general sells if all buyers must pay CASH. I will be not very many. At least with borrowed money, you could maybe tolerate the DEPRECIATION, but with cash, any depreciation is NOT acceptable. Look to be selling lots of 2-4 year old cars for CASH.
I am looking for a C5 convertible for $20,000 but I have to build my self up for working under the car all the time to fix the crap that breaks.

REPLY: One might expect that from an early '70's Toyota or Datsun or Honda ; I had a 1970 Toyota Corolla that was like a coffin on wheels . However, to make an early 1970's Vette (of all things) with huge gaps in the interior panels or misaligned .. is without justification --- especially to Americas Icon Sports Car. GM didnt have any pride in the way they made their cars and its still the same today otherwise parking lots would not contain 50% + Asian cars . I hope the Big 3 dont get a handout from Congress and hope an Asian AutoMaker buys them out. By the PLASTIC Driver side exterior door handle just broke in two on my 1998 Chevy Van when i went to open the door ; GM's wonderful design to save a couple of dollars versus going METAL. Even my 2006 LS2 Vette is crap : 1. A/ C compressor comes on and stays on without any call for cooling . 2. Roof Panel creaks continuously when its over 60 f. outside. 3. The RunFlat tires are excessively noisy as well as general noise from the rear of the car . 4. Its near impossible removing the driver side engine cover because of the fuel line. 5. The 6 speed doesnt feel right until its FULLY warmed up . 6. Too much engine noise from the Cab. Thank goodness i paid 'only' $40,000 for it new ; if i had paid $55,000 for one with all the goodies, Id really be upset.
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