like the new Dodge Challenger?

I like it, but the shape/structure is a bit odd. It definitely doesn't have the same clean, flowing lines as the original Challenger/Barracuda
1970-1974 E bodies. The new Challenger seems a bit chunky and fatter and not as low and long. They should have used the exact same lines/specs. Of course the bumpers would look different.
Sickening story about a family owned E body.
My dad bought a '72 Barracuda (sahara beige color, looks better than it sounds) in '78 for like $700 (damn, cars were cheap back then). My uncle loved that car and kept pestering my dad to sell it to him. So in 1980, my dad traded it to my uncle for an air compressor and some other stuff. My uncle kept it and cherished it for 16 years. Then my uncle gave it to my idiot cousin in '96 when it was still in great shape. It's never been out of CA, thus no rust. It still ran great in '96. My idiot cousin had a ratty late 70's Pontiac Trans-AM. His buddy did some work on the Pontiac -- installed a new carb and a rebuilt tranny (that my cousin had bought), and in lieu of payment, my cousin gives him the Barracuda! I didn't find out until 6 months later when his friend had already re-sold it. I wanted that car. I would have kept it original. It's probably got a 340 or a Hemi crate motor in it now and is probably black or red.
My dad used to own a lot of muscle cars in the 70's. They were cheap. GTO's, Cudas, Mustangs, Chargers, CHevelles, etc.. $500-$800 or so would get you a nice one. And British cars too. 8 year old MG's could be bought for $300-$400. He won $200 by beating a friend in a race up a twisty, windy abandoned mountain road. His friend was in a 440ci Charger. My dad was in a $200 Austin-Healey bugeye Sprite. The superior handling of the Austin-Healey enabled my dad to scamper up the hill faster than the huge Charger.
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