Re: Need Stratus Air Cond drain location -- more info, still need help

Continuing saga: Pulled out the console today and loosened the condensate box enough to get a handful of leaves out of it. Blew compressed air into the box as best as
possible and bottle-brushed out the drain again. It still leaks where the drain goes through the firewall.

Unfortunately, my wife's 2002 is different from 1992 - 2000 Haynes book I have, and that manual doesn't show the details of the condensate box. Also, the manual says it's supposed to be the same car as the Cirrus and Breeze. . However, I think I found the AC drain - I poured some water into the A/C vent and found some drips at the bottom. The left center vent works best. I followed the the water with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to kill any grunge, and my dead grass shows that it too came through. Drain appears to be a very short plastic pipe, maybe 1/2 inch diameter that protrudes straight out from the firewall maybe 1/2 inch. From the bottom, you reach up through a U in the exhaust, and it's about 4" toward the the driver's side. It seems inaccessible when the tires are on the ground, but by jacking the vehicle up I can come over the top of the components to run a wire through. I ran a number of progressively larger wires into it, then a piece of fairly stiff 1/4 inch plastic tubing. No gunk out, and I didn't feel any resistance indicating a clogged drain. I had my 'plungers' in about 16 inches, and they could be heard irattling nside the box. The water runs into the cabin near the top of the accellerator pedal where the box meets the firewall. If anyone could tell me if the box and drain tube are one piece or two and mave separated, or how the water is coming into the, it would be much appreciated. There's no reason to suspect that the box got cracked, but I can't figure out why the condensate is coming into the cabin instead of draining out. Ideas anyone?

Suspect the AC condensate drain may be plugged and water is backing up. In my van, there's a tube running through the firewall on the passenger side, but I can't find an equivalent on her Stratus. Can anyone help? Any other ideas? Thank you.
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