1999 dodge ram rough idle issue

I need help!!! I have a 1999 dodge ram with a 5.9L magnum v8. It has a rough
idle issue. I've replaced the throttle position sensor, replaced the plenum
gasket, replaced the idle air control module. Replaced spark plugs, wires,
distributor cap, rotor, o2 sensors, both bottom and top throttle body gaskets.
I threw some injector cleaner in the fuel. Ran a few tanks through it and no
change. It starts fine, idles for a bit and starts stalling idoing rough and
spitting sputtering and backfiring. I cannot figure it out. When I rev it up its
fine but when the rpm comes down it dies. I really want this issue fixed, I need
anyone and everyone to give me all of the ideas to fix this. I cannot figure it
to and it's nickel and diming me for everything that I have. Please help!!!
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