Bad mechanic work

Took my truck for a motor build and got ( ain't got ) a hunk of junk and the run
around. Let's say 18 000 and 3 months later I still don't have my truck . 14 ram
3500 . Took it in to get all the deletes done an 8 inch lift programmer air dog
and a bunch of other stuff done to it. I gave them 15,500 for parts . Was told
to bring it back on Monday as all the parts would be there. We'll 3 weeks later
went back to check on it and get something out of it and it still hadon't been
touched . Gave them the benefit of the doubt and let them do it anyway . BIG
MISTAKE. Went last Wednesday to pick it up and paid another 1800 . Drove 50
miles and started making all kinds of racket. Just when the clutch was pushed in
. Truck don't even have 20k on it . So they send a wrecker and got it the same
day. We call Monday and they just now dropping the tranny. Wth.. so call them
today and they say clutch is fine . Had a new South Bend double plate put in it.
They say nothing wrong with the clutch but their exact words. Well when we
dropped the tranny we didn't spill a drop of oil so it had oil in it ... hmm
mmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaahhhhhh. Sounds fishy to me . What in the world do I do
now. That's the only thing we had left as we have lost everything we have worked
for and owned in the 2016 louisiana flood . Some advice someone.. we dunno what
to do now.
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