Engine swap

I'm installing a 5.9 liter engine from an 01 4x4 ram into a 01 ram that has a
5.2 with a 5 spd. The 5.9 engine is from an automatic truck. What will be
different or need changed out during the swap.( transmission and engine
components). I really need some knowledgeable advice and insight. I have access
to all parts from both trucks.
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I want to do the same with my '01, 5.2, 5-spd. Someday. I saved this info that someone posted here nine years ago. ______________________
::I got 16-17 mpg with my '96 360. It had a 5 speed and a 3.55 axle.
: How did you get a 360 and a 5 speed?
Broke the crank at first main on my 5.2. Droped in a 5.9 from a 2001. Wacked off a chunk of the flywheel opposite the bob weight on the original flexplate with my end mill. The 5.9 is externally balanced and the 5.2 is internally balanced. Used the 5.2 standard ECM and used the original injectors from the 5.9 by modifying the wiring harness. Worked perfectly and increased fuel economy by almost 2 mpg. As a side benefit, the truck really woke up. Goes like hell.
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Molten Baby
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It happened to me too. I bought WindowsXP, and Best Buy wouldn't let me return it because I opened the package. So then I called Mirecosoft, and they gave me my money back.
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