No spark or start-87 Dodge Dakota Test PU Mod and/or spark control mod

1987 Dodge Dakots 3.9L V-6 2x4 automatic 132000 mi
Vehicle has run rough since purchased 4 months ago.
Signs of gas leacking from intake manifold gasket.
"pings" when going up a hill or grade or when accelerating from start to about 40 mph.
DOES NOT "ping" going down hill or at highway speeds.
YESTERDAY while driving there was a "pop" maybe like a backfire.
After that, no start.
Friends came and checked a spark spark. Checked the coil, voltage both sides of coil.
I presumed they were telling me that the "Pickup coil" in the distributor was bad.
Today, my friend called and asked if I had checked the "Ignition module" "also".
I said no...doesn't have an "ignition module" it has a "spark control module/computer mounted to the wheel well.
He said: "Well you need to check that too"
I said: "Maybe I can do it by "elimination" IS THE TEST for the pickup coil NO RESISTANCE when read with an ohmeter?
HE said: "Dunno, I think it was that way with the Mazda P.U. I helped you with a while back (landlady's truck) but I think it varies from mfr to mfr."
How do I test the "pickup coil" "Pickup module" inside the distributor and how do I test the "spark control module/computer mounted to the wheel well?
How do I methodically test and eliminate these two "things" so I don't buy parts I don't need.
I'm a disabled minister, not yet receiving disability and I cannot afford both parts and / or to buy unnecceasry parts.
Thanks so very much.
Rev Charles
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